Soil physico chemical properties and vegetative parameters of tamarix in miankangi region of sistan

sargazy, A. (2013) Soil physico chemical properties and vegetative parameters of tamarix in miankangi region of sistan. Masters thesis, University of Zabol.

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View of the forest from the perspective of sustainable development, put the need to maintain tree species as genetic savings as a priority. Therefore, the identification and evaluation of forest species habitats is one of the most effective steps towards sustainable development. Studying ecological conditions of tree species provide useful information to natural resource managers to apply optimal management on these areas. Exploring the relationships between vegetation and soil is of important issues for determination of appropriate places for restoration and resources and ecosystems management. This research aimed to study the properties of natural habitats and also vegetative state of Tamarix Spp in Miankangi area of Sistan. In this study, selective sampling technique was used to study the structure of natural populations. At first considered populations were chosen with cyclic forest, then at considered place, rectangular particles of sample were chosen in 1 acre with the number of at least five main parts and five evidence pieces, and then few parameters such as collar diameter, cover crown surface and number in acres and vegetative qualitative parameters in those pieces in population were calculated. In each of these pieces, sampling was done from the ground surface and physical and chemical parameters of soil were calculated and estimated, Data analysis was done by SPSS 16 software. The results indicated that in terms of studying vegetative parameters, height rate, cover crown surface, collar diameter, density and freshness were different at habitats land. Habitat area was flat with the maximum slope of 0 to 1 percent height was about 450 meter above the sea level and the climate was hot and dry according to Domarten method roots volume levels was observed with growing height to 25cm from 90 to 110cm. Under ground water surface was different depending on closing to water sources and in some places in 3 to 4 meter depth, soil wet was clear. Means comparing results showed that between studying parameters, soil electrical conductivity Ec. P, Na and silt had not a significant difference between habitats. Soil pH, oc, k, sand, sp, ca and clay ratio of soil texture had a significant difference when compared with means between habitats and evidences. Cover lotion (Pearson) was performed on properties of vegetation and soil which was different in vegetation’s. Between soil parameters, moisture saturation sp, Na, Ec, clay, oc and silt were considered at regression equations of habitats.

Item Type: Thesis (Masters)
Uncontrolled Keywords: forest habitat, physic-chemical properties of soil, Tamarix, Sistan
Subjects: S Agriculture > S Agriculture (General)
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