Identification of Cercosporoid and Ramularioid fungi in Kohgiluyeh va Boyer Ahmad Province

Behrooz, S. Y. (2014) Identification of Cercosporoid and Ramularioid fungi in Kohgiluyeh va Boyer Ahmad Province. Masters thesis, University of Zabol.

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This research was carried out in order to identify cercosporoid and ramularoid fungi and their host rang in Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad Province. Specimens with leaf spot symptoms from different localities in province were collected during the spring-autumn 2012-13. Funfi were isolated directly from leaf surface and microscopically examined. Morphological characteristics such as color, shape and size of stroma, conidiophore, conidia, conidiogenous cell and darkness and thickness of conidial scars and hila were studied. Color images and drawings from structures were made using digital camera attached to the microscope and CorelDraw software respectively. A sum of 52 specimens were identified to be infected. 24 samples infected with cercosporoid fungi (including 11 Cercospora, 3 Passalora and 1 Stigmina) and 28 samples infected with ramularoid fungi (including 16 Ramularia). Among these, Cercospora cichorii (on Cichorium intybus), Cercospora nasturti (on Nasturtium aquaticum), Cercospora plantaginis (on Plantago lanceolata), Passalora cucurbiticola (on Cucurbita sp), Ramularia armoraciae (on Barbarea plantaginea), Ramularia cupulariae (on Inula sp.), Ramularia epilobiana (on Epilobium hirsutum), Ramularia veronicae (on Veronica anagalis-aquatica) and Ramularia winteri (on Ononis spinosa) were identified as new records for Iran mycobiota. Furthermore, this is the first report of Cercospora apii (on Rumex crispus), Cercospora zebrina (on Trifolium resupinatum), Ramularia lamii var. lamii (on Mentha longifolia), Ramularia marrubii (on Sideritis Montana), Ramularia variabilis (on Verbascum sinuatum), Ramularia beccabungae (on Veronica anagalis-aquatica) and Stigmina palmivora (on Phoenix dactylifera) in Iran.

Item Type: Thesis (Masters)
Uncontrolled Keywords: Taxonomy, plant pathology, Cercospora and Ramularia-like fungi
Subjects: Q Science > QK Botany
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Date Deposited: 26 Oct 2016 04:52
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