Histopathological study of cystic lesions of parasitic genus Sarcocystis in slaughtered cattle of Zabol-Iran

Faghiri, E. (2015) Histopathological study of cystic lesions of parasitic genus Sarcocystis in slaughtered cattle of Zabol-Iran. Doctoral thesis, University of Zabol.

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Sarcocystiosis caused by different Sarcocystis species is a protozoa infection with worldwide distribution in human being and many species of animals. Bovine sarcocystosis is known to cause considerable morbidity and mortality in cattle. There is high infection rate of sarcocyst in cattle in Iran. The aim of this study was to survey prevalence of sarcocystis cyst in slaughtered cattle of Karaj, Iran. During April 2015 to September 2015, from cattle which is slaughtered for human consumption in Zabol abattoir, Zabol, Iran, 50 cattle were investigated for the presence of macroscopic and microscopic Sarcocystis cysts in muscular tissues. Esophagus, heart, diaphragm, lingual and mastectomy muscles were examined for Sarcocystis spp. infection. For light microscopy, tissue samples were taken from the heart, esophageal, diaphragmatic, and lingual and mastectomy muscles and then fixed in 10% neutral buffered formalin. They were processed and embedded in paraffin. Sections of 5-μm thickness were cut and stained with Hematoxylin and Eosin. In light microscopy, 50 cattle (100%) had thin-walled cysts of S.cruzi, while 33 out of them (66%) had thick-walled sarcocysts and one cattle had macroscopic sarcocysts. The positive rate of thin walled cyst was 9.3% for esophagus, 58.8% for heart, 7.8% for diaphragm, lingual 10.2% and mastectomy muscle 13.9%. The positive rate of thick walled cyst was 32.9% for esophagus, 22.9% for heart, 0% for diaphragm, 28.6% for lingual and 15.8% for mastectomy muscles which could represent either S. hominies or S. hirsute. In this survey, the most infected tissue was heart and the less was diaphragm. Thin walled cysts (S. cruzi) mostly found in heart and diaphragm shows the less. However, thick-walled cyst (S. hirsute and S. hominies) mostly were detected in esophagus , diaphragm muscle show no thick-walled cysts.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: cattle, Sarcocystis species, thin-walled cysts and thick walled cyst
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