Monitoring of Desertification and present Early Warning System with Emphasize on Climate and Round Water Criteria In Konarak Region

Rahdari, G. R. (2012) Monitoring of Desertification and present Early Warning System with Emphasize on Climate and Round Water Criteria In Konarak Region. Masters thesis, University of Zabol.

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Assessment of desertification are applied based on identifying appropriate criteria and indicators related to biophysical, economic-social and the striking factors to identify in land degradation parameters. With clear criteria and indicators for each zone and as well as monitoring them during the period, possible to analyze the time series data to discover the main causes of desertification and its effects; it is possible for development and introduction of early warning systems for desertification. In other words it can be said that criteria, indicators, monitoring, assessment and early warning system are as an integral component of a comprehensive system of desertification. Despite of years about early warning systems, up to now a little has been done work on it and only some countries have been active in doing pilot project for principles of it. In this study, a model of the process of desertification monitoring and early warning system should be provided in three phases. In the first phase, that operating warning system on desertification was in the preliminary phase of the study; to check the status and provide to early warning system on desertification had used a criteria and indicators identified in the calibration scheme desertification indicators and criteria. According to the area condition two criteria and six indicators were evaluated. These two are including water and climate criteria. At the end of the first phase of the evaluation criteria and indicators obtained the model from desertification Atlas and it consists of layers criteria desertification in which each criteria is classed in four levels (low-moderate-high-very high). In the second phase; information and indicators (output monitoring) over a period of nine years (2002-2011) were collected systematically and analyzed and finally with them the threshold for each criteria were defined. And Sensitive area according to land use of region; in order to identify indicators were observed and then with install necessary equipment these indicators will be controlled and with the passing of that threshold will be issued a require warning.

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