Isolstion and cloning of MAP30 gene of Momordica charantia plant in Escherichia coli

Ganji Kahkha, Niloufar (2015) Isolstion and cloning of MAP30 gene of Momordica charantia plant in Escherichia coli. Masters thesis, University of Zabol.

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Karela with scientific name of Momordica charantia is a climbing plant belongs to Cucurbitaceae family. This plant conventionally used both as food and medicine. MAP30 gene of this plant has shown antiviral and anticancer activity. The purpose of this study was to isolate and clone the MAP30 gene in E. coli which can increase the universal expression of the protein MAP30. The product of this gene is used as a anti-cancer and anti-viral molecule in numerous researches. In the study, the DNA of Karela plant was extracted acceding to Delapota et al. (1983) which is a feasible and economic method. The quantity and quality of the extracted DNA was evaluated by spectrophotometry and Agarose gel electrophoresis methods. DNA amplification of MAP30 gene was designed based on the deposited sequences in the NCBI data base and the gene was amplified in such a way that it posses the potential for colonization in several vectors. The MAP30 gene was cloned in pTG19-T vector and transferred to DH5α E. coli competent cellby heat- shock method. The transformation was confirmed by applying a selective media containing antibiotics. Production of while colonies was the criterion for successful transformation, the blue colonies represent failure in the transformation process. The sequencing data and cloned DNA segments verified the appropriate and functional insertion of MAP30 gene in to the E. coli. The obtained bacterial clones with MAP30 gene in their plasmids are preserved for further researches dealing with MAP30 protein function.

Item Type: Thesis (Masters)
Uncontrolled Keywords: MAP30, Karela, coloning, E. coli
Subjects: S Agriculture > SB Plant culture
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