Land zonation for dryland wheat using and climatic factors in the north east of Khuzestan province

Ruinkhosh, S. (2015) Land zonation for dryland wheat using and climatic factors in the north east of Khuzestan province. Masters thesis, University of Zabol.

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In this study, the effect of agricultural meteorological characteristics and climatic factors, soil and topographic data on wheat yield in Khuzestan province has been collected. In the event of the unavailability of components related to climatic conditions Khuzestan wheat cultivation, production will be strategic in the North East region with serious deficiencies. Solidarity agricultural meteorological parameters (including the sum of growing degree days, the annual monthly average daily temperature and precipitation), climatic factors (including average monthly minimum and maximum daily temperatures yearly), monthly and annual average daily temperature, total precipitation daily, monthly and yearly), soil information (soil texture, soil, organic materials, pH), and land topography (including slope, Slope direction, elevation) study were derived. Using the available information about the DEM, GIS Arc software was used to prepare and analyze the database. After preparing the layers and integrating obtained maps in GIS Arc, different regions based on their potential to grow wheat in good areas, good, average and poor were zoned. In this study Domarten method was performed for determining zoned climate. Land was divided in to three areas of the Mediterranean, semi-arid and dry. The combination of temperature- rainfall- soil results showed that 23.4% of the area of land was suitable for the cultivation of wheat, 25.2 per cent fit, 32.4percent average, and 18.9 percent actually was inappropriate.

Item Type: Thesis (Masters)
Uncontrolled Keywords: Land suitability, Geographic Information System (GIS), Rain fed wheat, soil
Subjects: S Agriculture > SB Plant culture
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Date Deposited: 25 Jun 2016 05:46
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