Effects of nano and bio-fertilizers on qualitative and quantitate characteristics of forage sorghum (Speed feed hybrid)

Mir, Saleh (2015) Effects of nano and bio-fertilizers on qualitative and quantitate characteristics of forage sorghum (Speed feed hybrid). Masters thesis, University of Zabol.

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Application of organic fertilizers and nano-fertlizerrs especially plant growth promoting rhizobacteria (PGPR) is one of the most important strategies for plant nutrition compared to chemical fertilizers, especially in sustainable management of agro-ecosystems .In order to study the effects of application of bio-fertilizers (Azetobarvar1 and Barvar2), manure fertilizer and nano-fertilizers(Iron and Potassium) on qualitative and quantities characteristics of forage sorghum (Speed feed hybrid), an experiment was conducted in greenhouse of college of agriculture, University of Zabol, Iran a factorial arrangement with completely randomized block design with three replicates. The traits were consist of manure fertilizer in two application levels and not application , bio-fertilizer in four levels (control, Azetobarvar1, Barvar2, Azetobarvar1 + Barvar2) and nano-fertilizers in four levels (control, nano Iron, nano potassium, nano Iron+ nano-potassium). Experimental factors were done soil in 96 pot application. Result indicated that all characteristics had significant effects of experimental factors. Means comparisons showed that the maximum of high plant, space of internodes and number of leaves were recorded for the treatments of manure fertilizer with integrated nano -fertilizer (nano Fe+ nano K). Root dry weight (rdw) and root wet weight (rww) were positively affected by nano-fertilizer; highest rdw and rww were obtained when a nano Fe was applied along with nano K. The results from total dry weight, total wet weight, stem dry weight and stem wet weight showed the positive effect of integrated fertilizer. The highest weights were observed by manure fertilizer with integrated bio-fertilizers (Azetobarvar1 + Barvar2). Also the highest leaf chlorophyll a (1.59mg/gr), chlorophyll b (5.31), carotenoid content (2.24) and carbohydrate (3/07) were observed by integrated bio-fertilizer (Azetobarvar1 + Barvar2) with integrated nano fertilizer (nano Fe+ nano K). The results showed that total integrated fertilizers significant effect at 1 percent on plant nutrient concentration had the highest nutrient uptake in soil containing manure fertilizer with integrated bio-fertilizers (Azetobarvar1 + Barvar2) took place. In general, it seems that application of integrated fertilizers by increasing nutrient uptake can improve morphological and agronomic characteristics of sorghum and can be useful for goals sustainable agriculture.

Item Type: Thesis (Masters)
Uncontrolled Keywords: manure fertilizer, sorghum, nano fertilizer, bio-fertilizer
Subjects: S Agriculture > SB Plant culture
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