Identification Fauna The Bees Pollintor North province ؛Apoidea(Hymenoptera) Sistan and Baluchistan

soraya mohtat, Marziye (2011) Identification Fauna The Bees Pollintor North province ؛Apoidea(Hymenoptera) Sistan and Baluchistan. Masters thesis, University of Zabol.

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This research was carried out to investigate and identify fauna of bees pollination (Apoidea:.Hy) The study was conducted in Norht of province of Sistan and Balochistan, 2009-2010. The Humdesed (700) samples take at the time of working and separated from each other on morphological characteristics. From 5 family, 17 Genus and 34 Species has been collected and Idantified: Andrena eversmanii, Andrena Avatula, Psedaapis Edantata, Psedaapis Nilotica, Nomiapis Fugax, Nomiapis Ispinosa Bispinosa, Nomiapis Diversipes, Halictus Senilis, Halictus lucidipennis, Halictus Pulvereus, Halictus Pollinosus, Halictus Fuscicollis, Nomioides Variegates, Lasioglossum Vagans, Thyreus sp, Thyreus Elegans, Stelis Scutellaris, Sphecodes Punsticeps, Nomada Radoszkowkii, Nomada Agrestis, Anthophora SP., Ceratina cf Moricei, Xyiocopa Basalis, Colletes Anceps, Collites Schwarzi Kuhlmann, Pararhophites Orobinus, Mehachile Cf anatatolica, Mehachile Nitidicollis, Mehachile Albisecta, Mehachile Deceptoria, Mehachile Saussurei, Mehachile Stolzmanni, Mehachile Aff ecta, Apis Mellifera Amang in Collitidae family Collites Schwarzi Kuhlmann was new in Iran.

Item Type: Thesis (Masters)
Uncontrolled Keywords: Fauna, Hymenoptera, Apo idea, North province Sistan and Baluchistan
Subjects: Q Science > QL Zoology
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