Identifacation of nematode fauna in vineyards of south of Western Azerbaijan and determination of dominant parasitic species

Mohajeri, E. (2015) Identifacation of nematode fauna in vineyards of south of Western Azerbaijan and determination of dominant parasitic species. Masters thesis, University of Zabol.

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Plant parasitic nematodes are described in all agricultural soils. In other to control or study biological and other related aspects of plant parasitic nematodes, as plant's pathogen, it is important to identify species of nematodes. In order to identify the plant parasitic nematodes fauna in Rhizosphere of the soil of vineyards of five city of south of West Azarbaijan province including Mahabad, Boukan, Sardasht, Piranshahr and Miyandoab; 50 soil samples were collected from different localities of the region. After transferring the samples to laboratory, the nematodes extracted by combined sieving and centrifugal-floatation Technique, the nematodes fixed and transferred to anhydrous glycerin. The permanent slides were prepared from the extracted nematodes and were measured by light microscopy and drawing tube. The species were identified based on the morphological and morph metrical characteristics and by using the references and valid keys. In the present study two species were identified, including: Amplimerlinius Globigerus Siddiqi, 1979, Geocenamus Brevidens (Allen, 1955); Brzeski, (1991), Geocenamus Rugosus (Siddiqi, 1963) Brzeski (1991); Scutylenchus Paniculoides (Vovlas & Esser, 1990) Siddiqi (2000); Ditylenchus Myceliophagus Goodey (1958); Ditylenchus Acutus , Khan (1965); Fortuner & Maggenti, (1987); Pratylenchus Coffeae (Zimmermann, 1898); Filipjev & Schuurmans Stekhoven (1941), Pratylenchus Neglectus (Rensch, 1924) Filipjev & Schuurmans Stekhoven, 1941 Praylenchus Scribneri Steiner in Sherbankoff & Stanley( 1943), Pratylenchus Penetrans (Cobb, 1917), Filipjev & Schuurmans Stekhoven (1941); Pratylenchus Sefaensis Fortuner (1973); Pratylenchoides Variabilis Sher (1970); Zygotylenchus Guevarai (Tobar Jimenez, 1963) Braun & Loof (1966); Mesocriconema xenoplax (Raski, 1952) Loof (1989); Mesocriconema Antipolitanum (De Guiran, 1963) Loof & De Grisse (1989); Helicotylenchus Pseudorobustus (Steiner, 1914) Golden (1956); Helicotylenchus vulgaris Yuen (1964); Basiria tumida (Colbran, 1960) Geraert (1968); Boleodorus Thylactus; Thorne (1941); Discotylenchus discretus Siddiqi (1980); Filenchus vulgaris (Brzeski, 1963) Lownsbery & Lownsbery (1985); Xiphinema index Thorne and Allen (1950); and Xiphinema Majus Bos & Loof (1985). The Xiphinema majus were recorded for first time for Iran nematodes fauna.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Grapevine, Nematode, Fauna, Parasite, Western Azerbaijan
Subjects: S Agriculture > SB Plant culture
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