The Study of Effect of Diet Larval for attraction Female Individual Ectomyelois Ceratoniae

Zare Mehrjardy, Asyeh (2009) The Study of Effect of Diet Larval for attraction Female Individual Ectomyelois Ceratoniae. Masters thesis, University of Zabol.

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Diet larval of Ectomyelois Ceratoniae (Zeller) has effects on attraction female individuals. Ingredients of sex pheromone of Ectomyelois Ceratoniae have been recognized, but the complex of chemical structure has not good stability in natural condition (Baker et al., 1991).Therefor, we can use trap pheromones from reared female moth. The experiment has been prepared by randomly complete block design with three replication and different food treatment for two years (2006-2007). The pest which used for this experiment brings them from laboratory (reared moth) by method Mehrnejad (1991) on pomegranate, fig and prepared artificial food. Traps has been put on the lines of pomegranate and fig orchard trees for a 9 days on time was on sunset by height of 1/5 m above ground in East-West with distance 30 m from each other, numbering on traps for the male moth next day on the morning will be stored. Results, different food treatment attractive by female moth showed significant differences on average of traps which caught of moths from pomegranate tree in pomegranate orchard but, results didn't show any significant different of reared moth form traps which has been caught of moth from fig trees in fig orchard and average of diet artificial traps pheromones in orchard of pomegranate and fig not significant differences. But it was less pomegranate and fig treatments. At end treatment and orchard effective showed significant differences. Therefor Effect of Diet Larval on Attraction Female Individuals Ectomyelois Ceratoniae.

Item Type: Thesis (Masters)
Uncontrolled Keywords: Pomegranate- Fig- Ectomyelois Ceratoniae- Natural sex pheromone- diet artificial- Reared Moth- Host plant
Subjects: Q Science > QL Zoology
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