Land use type effects on carbon sequestration and some soil erosion indices in Inched-boron area

Asgari, A. (2012) Land use type effects on carbon sequestration and some soil erosion indices in Inched-boron area. Masters thesis, University of Zabol.

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Changes in the pattern of life and human needs are changes in the type of operation and create different users in the region. These users' Past performance is largely non-normative, which had a devastating impact on natural resources and is on balance in cycle of materials and biological factors in ecosystems. The soil is one of the basic resources in any ecosystem, which physical and chemical properties may affect by a land use change. In recent decades the aim of reducing the level of land degradation is trying to reduce operations and corrective such as grazed and planted in rangelands and the use of multiple implant systems in agricultural lands as agroforestry systems are achieved a good level of protection and production. Inched-boron region in northern Golestan province and neighboring Turkmenistan border are of the regions that different users have been implemented there. The purpose of this study is to evaluate the effect of four different users (Agroforestry, Rangeland planted, and Dry farm and Grazed rangeland) on carbon sequestration and erosion of soil in Inch boron region. After that field evaluation of treatments, samples were harvested with a randomized complete block design of 0-25 and 25-40 centimeter of soil depths for each treatment. Parameters studied is included of soil organic carbon, soil organic matter, bulk density, carbon sequestration, mean weight diameter and soil texture parameter in both of depth that were measured and determined in soil and water laboratory. The results were analyzed by using of ANOVA and Duncan test. The results showed, that rate of carbon sequestration changes showed significant difference at 1% level (P value<0.01) between dry farm and other land uses. In the evaluation of erodible, the result of related to aggregate stability showed significant difference at 1% level between agroforestry, dry farm and grazed rangeland. Also the statistical analysis of soil texture components were seen significant difference at 1% level between agriculture and pasture users. Results showed that the agroforestry has the highest level of stability and Carbon Sequestration between land uses. Finally, between the managements study, implementation of agroforestry in agricultural systems and plants operation in range projects is recommended in this area.

Item Type: Thesis (Masters)
Uncontrolled Keywords: Carbon sequestration, Erosion, Agroforestry, Rangeland, Dry farm, Inched-boron
Subjects: S Agriculture > S Agriculture (General)
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