Effect of Livestock Grazing Intensity on Plant Species Diversity in Semi-steppe Rangelands of Dareh Shahr Town

Zeynivand, Rooholah (2014) Effect of Livestock Grazing Intensity on Plant Species Diversity in Semi-steppe Rangelands of Dareh Shahr Town. Masters thesis, University of Zabol.

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Biodiversity is evenly the variability among living organisms from all sources including any resources, land, marine and other aquatic ecosystems and ecological process. Maintaining the diversity of the components of biodiversity depends on maintaining diversity of Ghana's two criteria, the mean number and uniform distribution of the mean number of individuals per species. Maintaining the diversity in ecosystems affected by many factors. Destructive factors such as natural, human, long droughts, fire-fighting, five non-normative animal, monoculture ecosystems demolition are variety of threats to maintain professionalism. Vegetarians domesticated and wild biodiversity components, one of which always occurs, affecting the ecosystem components. Ecosystem resources such as water, soil and plant damage increase the herbivores population in ecosystems and species diversity. The study was done at 1392-1393 in Darreh-Shahr city located in the southeastern province of Ilam on the geographic location of 33 degrees 9 minutes north latitude and 47 degrees 24 minutes east longitude.The study of four grazing light, medium, heavy and protection were performed in triplicate. The five transects were established 25 plots in each iteration. And within each plot type and number of plant species were identified. The calculation of diversity, richness and evenness of plant species and invasive species were calculated based on growth form. The Ecological Methodology software was used for the calculation of diversity, richness and smoothness of species. Statistical calculations of average compared with LSD test at 5% level was conducted in SPSS software. The results of this study indicated that the areas grazed by five light, medium, and heavy maintain the diversity and richness of differences there. But maintaining consistency in the study there weren’t different among species under graze area. Diversity, richness and smoothness of invasive species in the study area is influenced by grazing on various grazed and not grazed (protection), there was no difference. Due to the diversity and richness of life forms and species of grasses, the difference was calculated. But there were no uniform species of grasses under grazing and protection. The diversity, richness and smoothness of five grass species hardwood heavy, medium, light and n-grazed (protection) difference was found in the study area.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Grazing Density, Biodiversity, Semi- stepp Rang land, Darehshar
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