Effects of drought stress and municipal Compost on quantity and quality of peppermint

Forouzandeh, Mohamad (2010) Effects of drought stress and municipal Compost on quantity and quality of peppermint. Masters thesis, University of Zabol.

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In order to study the effects of drought stress and municipal compost on quantitative and qualitative characteristics on pepper mint (Mentha piperita L.), a green house experiment in a factorial under randomize complete block design with four replications was conducted in 2009 at University of Zabol. Treatments included: Irrigation at three levels100% (control), 80% (mild stress) and 60% field capacity (severe stress) and four levels of municipal compost: control (no chemical fertilizer and compost ), T1: _, T_: 20 and T3: 30 tons per hectare. Results showed that by increasing the municipal compost levels significantly improved the dry and fresh yield, plant height, tiller number, root dry and fresh weight, Essential oil percentage and yield of essential oil per pot. Effects of different levels of irrigation with superior control (no stress), was significant in all traits. According to the results achieved maximum dry matter (___ g/ pot) and essential oil yield (___ mg/pot) to produce proper at treatment tons per hectare municipal compost and non-stress condition. With increasing the drought stress levels, Chlorophyll (a) and potassium decreased and Chlorophyll (b) and sodium increased in green tissue of leaves. Generally, drought stress in medium level lead to increase the yield of essential oil and T3: 30 tons per hectare had a highest effect on yield of essential oil in pepper mint. So, in highest level of drought stress and use of T3: 30 ton per hectare had a more efficiency than other of level in pepper mint plant.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Pepper mint, Drought stress, Municipal compost, Quantity, Quality
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