Effect of Biofertilizer on the bulb of garlic Cultivars

Momen Kaikha, Ramezan (2014) Effect of Biofertilizer on the bulb of garlic Cultivars. Masters thesis, University of Zabol.

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Manure management is a key factor in successfully planted. To study the effects of biological fertilizer on tuber yield "full figure" experimental plot "a split" design "RCB" with three replications in Research farm of Station of agricultural Research and Natural Resources of Zahak in 92-91. Biofertilizer as a "major factor" in four levels: Nitrokara, Nitrokcin, phosphate fertilize 2 and control (according to conventional chemical fertilizers). And Garlic varieties as subplot in three levels were Mazand, Chinese and Hamadani: Variance analysis showed that the effect of bio-fertilizers on "the bulb" (onion, garlic), "clove of" bulbs "clove weight" and "height" except length of the clove was significant. Genotype effect, on "the bulb", the diameter of the bulb, clove number, single weight of clove, clove diameter, plant height, number of leaves and bulb weight was statistically significant. Interaction between the various sources of biological fertilizer and cultivar on any of the traits measured in this experiment was not significant. Maximum Yield "garlic bulb" in Nitrokcin treatments (9744 kg/ha) Nitrokara (8859 kg/ha), and control (8553 kg/ha) was obtained. Lowest performance "garlic bulbs" in phosphate fertilize 2 treatment (8196 kg/ha) was observed. High performance belonged to Hamadani cultivar (11032 kg/ha). Compared with the two varieties of Chinese and Mazand respectively were 15 and 45 percent lead. Results of simple correlation analysis showed that: Features a "Bulb weight" coefficient (r = 0/91 **), bulb diameter (r = 0/86 **) and clove (r = 0/74 **) the most significant positive correlation with "Bulb yield "(onion) showed. Based on these results it can be said that: The use of bio-fertilizer has a significant effect on performance, and considering them to replace or part of "plant food needs" in order to "sustainable agriculture" is noticeable.

Item Type: Thesis (Masters)
Uncontrolled Keywords: Garlic, Biological Fertilizers, Nitrokcin, Cultivar, Bulb yield
Subjects: S Agriculture > SB Plant culture
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Date Deposited: 20 Apr 2016 04:45
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