A study of Coccidiosis prevalence in the Sistan's native chicken and compare histopathological changes

Shahraki, F. (2015) A study of Coccidiosis prevalence in the Sistan's native chicken and compare histopathological changes. Masters thesis, University of Zabol.

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Coccidiosis is an important disease in the poultry industry which is caused by protozoa of Apicomplexa and Eimeria species which have direct life cycles and are characterized by enteritis. It is transferred between hosts by excretion of oocytes and can be detected by examining the form of oocytes in birds, measuring the sporulation period and histopathological observations. The aim of this study was to first "determine the abundance and diversity of Eimeria species in native birds in different regions of Sistan, and Secondly " evaluating the Histopathological changes of native chickens infected in the study. Methodology: A total of 7287 samples selected through random cluster sampling from areas of Zabol, Helmand, Adimi and Zahak were tested by the outbreak and severity of Coccidia Eimeria oocytes based on the number of oocytes per gram of feces and the index (OPG) was determined. By using a solution of potassium bicoromate7.8 percent the diversity of Emerita species was identified for each area. Results of the study showed that within the area of study, five species of Emerita that were studied including Eimeria acervulina with 28.72 percent, Eimeria maxima with 78.21 percent , Eimeria brunetti with 08 percent, Eimeria necatrix with 08/72 percent and Eimeria tenella with 2.22 percent were observed and thus it can be cocluded that the Eimeria maxima with 28.72 percent and Eimeria tenella with 2.22 respectively are possessing the highest and lowest rates of infection in domestic poultry compared to other species of Eimeria. Also Eimeria maxima and E. Brunetti with 78.21 and 08 percent respectively were in the second and third positions.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Coccidiosis, Eimeria, native poultry, Sistan
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