Analysis on the Epic Elements in Khajoo'skermani Saam name

Jorabchirigi, S. (2018) Analysis on the Epic Elements in Khajoo'skermani Saam name. Masters thesis, university of zabol.

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There is an inter-voice and the meaning and method of using phonemes and phrases in inducing the concepts of tension. Speakers inevitably influence their emotions in choosing vocabulary and use words that their phonemes represent emotions, feelings and literary forms in which they experiment, while rhetorical elements also have a close link in the literary process; in general, the vocabulary And the episode, especially the phonetic structure of the word, in addition to its semantic role, expresses, through a set of sounds indirectly, the concept that passes through the mind of the poet, many linguists in the study of the phonetic process of the underlying layers of vocabulary, phonemes and their inductive powers in the direction of the concepts Ghana, honey Eli and ... have discussed. In the present study, by examining the Sam-letter of Khaju (emphasizing the epic sections of the work), the relevant abstracts were considered in two phonological and literary fields, and it became clear that there is a significant relationship between the Semantic semantic semantics and the phonemes and syllables used in it. And the loss of Khaju changes in different semantic fields in the sense of meaning; in the epic section, the effect is greater than the phonemes that incite intense, impotent, rebellious, and epic hymen to the audience; in this regard, the vowels (A, A), and Also, explosive boobies like (B, P, D, G ...) have greatly benefited their musical and phonological forms. Is. In epic verses, the largest share is given by vowels (A, E) and explosive consonants. In this dissertation, we have studied the literary aspects of the Samnameh and its effect on the induction of epic concepts and, in fact, its relationship with the epic. From the phrasal of the analogy, the phonics and metaphors have the highest frequency, but it is necessary to note that the sensory symbols, Singular and most of the samples are "morsel" and are cited in it in a comprehensive way. There are very few sensible symbols if they cannot be counted and given below a special characteristic; from literary types of metaphor, metaphorical metaphor It has the highest frequency, and the allegations are more in the category of linguistic allegories This type of image fits. In terms of literary arrays, the use of other elements of rhetoric, especially in the epic section, is very small, but if we examine it carefully, we will find that the Sammilan in its richness and lovers of adventures has jumped and ... much more than the other Since the discussion of us is the most prominent epic feature of the epistemological and literary level of the Samnahl; the rich parts that were devoid of epic elements, and the lovers of Sam's lovers, with his beloved, wanderings, distances, and debates, enjoyed archetypes. There is no general review, but epic sections that include rashes, Fights, campaigns, combat battles, and Sam's readiness for fighting and struggles have not been carefully studied and examples have been mentioned. In the literary section, the likeness of the poet is more than metaphorical.

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