The Study of defamiliarization in poetry of Haroun Hashim Rashid

Naroui, Saeed (2017) The Study of defamiliarization in poetry of Haroun Hashim Rashid. Masters thesis, university of zabol.

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The science of stylistics studies literary، linguistic and intellectual angles of a literary work. Its importance is in discovering the aesthetic features of literary works. The technic of defamiliarization is one of the stylistic features in literature; defamiliarization means to exit from familiar and usual، an exit which is based on breaking customs and appearance of a new meaning. For the first time، this technic was presented by the great formalist "Viktor Shklovsky". He thinks the output of literature is defamiliarization، because it takes the mind away from habituality and creates literary taste and pleasure by making the language poetic. Haroun Hashem Rasheed، an Islamist Palestinian poet has used defamiliarization in his poems widely. Keeping in mind the importance of this feature in stylistics، it seems studying the technic of defamiliarization in the poems of Haroun Hashem is necessary to recognize his poetic method in a better way. Therefore، the poems of Haroun Hashem will be studied in the present research by descriptive-analytic method in order to clarify the scale of the role of aesthetic technic in the structure of his poetic style. The initial study shows that the poet utilized commutative defamiliarization more than synthetic defamiliarization. Generally، commutative defamiliarization which is based on metaphor is one of the most important features of Haroun Hashem’s poetic style. In the synthetic defamiliarization، he utilized precedence، deferment and diverting attention.

Item Type: Thesis (Masters)
Uncontrolled Keywords: stylistics-commutative/semanticdefamiliarization-synthetic defamiliarization- Haroun Hashem Rasheed
Subjects: P Language and Literature > PJ Semitic
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