Comparative study of Paradise and Paradise, Hell and Hell Descriptions in the Sierra Al Abad Compendium of Danteh Ward

Rostami Shahroudi, Alireza (2017) Comparative study of Paradise and Paradise, Hell and Hell Descriptions in the Sierra Al Abad Compendium of Danteh Ward. Masters thesis, university of zabol.

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The topic of paradise and hell, and its description in religious and mystical texts, has always been one of the most important verbal issues that has reflected in mystical literary works. In this thesis, I have studied the description of Paradise and Hell in three works: Sierra Al-Abad, Ardawarramah and Divine Comedy. The research methodology of the library and its type is 2-analysis and descriptive with a comparative approach. After reading the mystical texts and taking notes of them, 3- analyzing and matching the description of Paradise and Hell, the Paradises and the Hellenes, and finally we conclude that all three writers and poets pay special attention to this The subject has been discussed and described on the basis of worldview and religious beliefs. The Sanai view of Paradise and Hell and their inhabitants originates from the religion of Islam and the descriptions of the Holy Quran regarding heaven and hell, and he somehow deals with the mystical interpretation of Paradise and Hell described in the Qur'an. In the context of the writings of which the author's intellectual and creed foundations are rooted in the religions of ancient Persia, including the Zoroastrian religion, Paradise and Hell have a different descriptive character than Sierra Aladdin Sanayee. Instead of describing the apparent features of paradise, this writer explains the rewards of works Nick and Penalty have done unpleasant work and refrained from describing the details of Paradise and Hell. The divine comic book also describes the paradise and hell of Western thought and philosophy, and most importantly, the religion of Christ, and the description of paradise and hell in the Bible is Dante's pattern in addressing Paradise and Paradise, Hell, and Hell. . This writer considers Paradise and Hell as distinct, qualitative and quantitative places, and for any good or bad deed they will be rewarded and punished by those who are in Paradise and Hell

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