A Comparative Study on the themes of Resistance in Qasim Haddad and Khalilollah Khalili Poems

Arab, Abdolbaset and Abadi, Yousof and Habibi, Ali Asghar and Mollazahi, Mohammad Younes (2017) A Comparative Study on the themes of Resistance in Qasim Haddad and Khalilollah Khalili Poems. Masters thesis, university of zabol.

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Abstract Crusade and resistance is the projection of the spirit of faith and enlightenment which has found an idealistic concept since two centuries ago by the emergence of the ominous phenomenon of colonization. This holy warfare has been the muse of poets whose lyrics are the confessionals of the blood colored bodies of nations. Bahrain and Afghanistan are among countries whose people’s wishes were demolished in an era of history by the dooming hands of colonization. The contemporary history has witnessed a dark and painful page of oppressions of British colonization in Bahrain and Soviet Union and Communists in Afghanistan, which its real reflection can be seen in the passionate and realistic poems of poets such as Qasem Hadad (1948) and Khalil-Allah Khalili (1910-1951). These two contemporary poets had closely witnessed the oppression of colonizers in ther country and have touched and perceived the oppression of the occupiers. Political and revolutionary poems of these two poets are all-reflecting mirrors for pains, efforts, resistances and sacrifices of the fighting people of these two lands. Qasem Hadad and Khalil-Allah Khalili as the singers of freedom from the hands of colonization have both tasted the bitter taste of imprisonment and exile for fighting with the intruders, but never stopped resisting until their last breath. The unbreakable link of the names of these two poets with the political events of Bahrain and Afghanistan contemporary history is in a way that by investigating the poems of those two, the sociopolitical change processes of the two countries can be identified at the time of occupation and they represent the warfare dimensions and the sociopolitical necessity of both poets. By relying on the descriptive-analytical method, this study tries to investigate the mutual resistance themes and concepts in the poems of these two poets. The initial results indicate that these poets are mutual in using themes such as crusade and resistance in their revolutionary poems, and spirit of enlightenment and oppression fighting, and using symbolic language in their resistance poems, and both adopted a live and beating language in expressing their resistance concepts which with a modern structure include concepts derived from the hearts of millions of aching and colonized people.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Comparative Study, Resistance, Qasim Hadad, Khalilollah Khlili
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