Zoning sensitivity, Intensity and amount of wind erosion in bed of Hamoon Saberi, Sistan Plain

Baranizadeh, M.R. (2014) Zoning sensitivity, Intensity and amount of wind erosion in bed of Hamoon Saberi, Sistan Plain. Masters thesis, University of zabol.

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This research tried is done zoning of sensitivity, intensity and amount of wind erosion in bed of Hamoon Saberi in Sistan plain. Therefore, using topographic maps and satellite imagery and Google Earth and based on physiographic method were classified lands units. And per unit of land install 15 Pique was graded in two rows of East and West. Then after three consecutive months with severe storms, amount of wind load was measured. Also, the locations of each Pique or graded index, surface soil samples were collected to a depth of ten centimeters. And the samples for analysis were sent to the soil laboratory. And parameters of pH, electrical conductivity, soil texture, lime percentage, gypsum content, the percentage Exchangeable sodium, organic carbon content was measured. In addition correlation of physical and chemical properties of the soil with amount of wind load, in Spss software by regression decisions were made. The map classification of amount of wind erosion was prepared using GIS. The results showed that the erosion rate per unit Varying changes between 0 to 7cm. Lowest wind load in the zero to half a centimeter was in lands by relative cover and forest margins; And the highest amount of wind load to rate 7 cm occurred in the center of Hamoon Saberi (in Baryngak). Average wind load is 2.1 centimeter that on according to the results, amount of soil loss in the study area is 210 cubic meters per hectare per year. Physical and chemical soil test results showed that most soils have limitation in salinity and alkalinity.

Item Type: Thesis (Masters)
Uncontrolled Keywords: wind erosion; Sistan; lake of Hamoon Saberi; Wind Erodibility of soil.
Subjects: S Agriculture > S Agriculture (General)
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