The study of the relation between epic and religion in the Ibn Hosam khoosfi’s Khavaran nameh

Behmadi, Zahra (2012) The study of the relation between epic and religion in the Ibn Hosam khoosfi’s Khavaran nameh. Masters thesis, University of zabol.

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Maul-Ana Mohammad Hussam Khosfi,( Born: 782 or 783 AH, Died: 782 or 783 AH) is one of the poets who has been very experienced in the field of poetry, especially religious epics. 'Khavaran-Name' contains 22500 distiches in the metrical pattern of motaghareb {sea proximity, Persian herioic verse} to express the bravery and struggles of Imam Ali-Ibn-E- Abi-Talib in Khavaran land. This is one of the best examples of a religious epic in Persian literature. Having strong, heroic and religious aspects and the deep bond between the epic and religious issues are the most outstanding features of this work. This is a descriptive - analytical study aimed to clarify the association of epic and religion in 'Khavaran-name', by examining the epic and religious aspects of this work. Some features of this work as; considering pillars and aspects of the religion, the existence of heroes and religious figures such as the prophet Muhammad (sallallahu alayhi wa sallam) and Imam Ali (peace be upon him), calling to Islam, crusade to promote Islam, fighting against blasphemy and idolatry, and citing verses and sayings {referring to Verses and Hadiths} have caused 'Khavaran-name' to be a religious work. Insisting supernatural forces and exaggerated capacity of the religious heroes, they go to the perilous traveling, declaim, use different kinds of weapons in their battles, and trick the enemy. There are invisible forces, Demons and Magic. Also, it has lyric or epic weight, and is closely associated with the epic tone and vocabulary, exaggeration and hyperbole, and beautiful descriptions .. This is an epic in which the epic and religion are intertwined with each other and have made it a religious epic. Between epic and religious poets, Ebn Hussām the first poet is intertwined epic and religion with each other in his Ḵāvarān-nāma. His poem in one side has some epic features. Besides, the heroes are Imam Ali and his followers. The purpose of writing this book is to promote Islam, fight against blasphemy and idolatry, and advert pillars and aspects of the religion. Thus, the epic and religion have been linked together.

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