The effects of drought stress and compost levels on qualitative and quantative traits of borage(Boragoofficinalis)

Shahriari, Reza (2014) The effects of drought stress and compost levels on qualitative and quantative traits of borage(Boragoofficinalis). Masters thesis, University of zabol.

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In order to study the effects of irrigation and composting levels on yield and yield components of borage an experiment with complete randomized block design in split plot arrangement with three replications was conducted in the University of Zabol. Treatments included irrigation levels (drought stress): () control (no stress) with irrigation once every days. () mild rought stress with irrigation every 8 days. () severe drought stress with irrigation days as main plots and the use of compost as a source of control (no fertilizer), , and tons of compost per hectare were considered as sub plots. The results showed that water deficit stress, plant height was reduce. The highest and the lowest height was observed at control and severe drought stress, respectively. Consumed 30 tons of compost greatest effect on plant height (cm). Maximum number of leaves concern control (no stress) treatment and the use of tons of compost. The use of compost on chlorophyll content increased with increasing stress levels. The highest dry matter yield of plant with Kg.ha-1 was belonged to no stress (control) and application of tons per hectare of compost. It was lowest in the high stress and lack of application of compost. Generally dry matter decrease with increasing drought stress but increased the amount of compost applied in the reduce stress levels in the region less. In the total production dry yield in Zabol region, application of the ton.ha-of compost and irrigation once every 5 days is suitable.

Item Type: Thesis (Masters)
Uncontrolled Keywords: chlorophyll, Herbal plant, irrigation interval, Organic manure, yield.
Subjects: S Agriculture > SB Plant culture
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