Taxonomy of subfamily Alysiinae (Hym., Braconidae) in Iran East

Yari Khanderoo, Z. (2014) Taxonomy of subfamily Alysiinae (Hym., Braconidae) in Iran East. Masters thesis, university of zabol.

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A survey was conducted to investigate the taxonomic subfamily of wasps Alysiinae (Hym., Braconidae) in Eastern part of Iran. The species of the subfamily Alysiinae are endoparasitoids of Cyclorrhaphous Diptera That Members of this subfamily can be recognized on the basis of their exodont mandibles. Many species of the subfamily Alysiinae have been considered as biological control agents of the economically important Diptera pests and Some also have an important role in synanthropic pest control Especially Muscidae. Sampling was conducted of Provinces Sistan and Baluchestan, South Khorasan, Khorasan Razavi and North Khorasan, The dominant vegetation in the area During the years 2013-2014. Several samples were collected using sweeping net and Malaise traps. The specimens were stored in 75% ethanol and then separated in laboratory based on the morphological characters. Specimens were identified using reliable keys and to confirm the species was sEntomologistexperts abroad. Totally, 22 species belonging seven genera, Chorebus, Dacnusa, Coelinidea, Coloneura, Idiasta, Orthostigma and Synaldis were collected and identified. They were consisting: Chorebus (Phaenolexis) ares (Nixon, 1944), Chorebus (Phaenolexis) bathyzonus (Marshall, 1895), Chorebus (Phaenolexis) caesariatus Griffiths 1967, Chorebus (Stiphrocera) cubocephalus (Telenga, 1935), Chorebus (Stiphrocera) Lar (Morley, 1924), Chorebus (Phaenolexis) leptogaster (Haliday, 1839), Chorebus (Stiphrocera) merellus (Nixon, 1937), Chorebus mucronatus (Telenga 1935), Chorebus parvungula (Thomson, 1895), Chorebus scabiosae Griffiths 1967, Chorebus (Stiphrocera) spenceri Griffiths, 1964, Chorebus stilifer Griffiths 1968, Coelinidea gracilis (Curtis, 1829), Coloneura dice (Nixon 1943), Dacnusa (Pachysema) clematidis Griffiths 1967, Dacnusa (Aphanta) distracta Tobias, 1986, Dacnusa (Pachysema)evadne Nixon, 1937, Dacnusa (Pachysema) monticola (Forster, 1862), Idiasta dichrocera (Konigsmann, 1960), Orthostigma laticeps (Thomson, 1895), Synaldis concolor (Nees, 1812) and Synaldis distracta (Nees, 1834). 11 Species Chorebus (Phaenolexis) ares (Nixon, 1944), Chorebus (Phaenolexis) caesariatus Griffiths, 1967, Chorebus (Stiphrocera) merellus Nixon, 1937, Chorebus scabiosae Griffiths, 1967, Chorebus (Stiphrocera) spenceri Griffiths, 1964, Coloneura dice Nixon, 1943, Dacnusa (Pachysema) clematidis Griffiths, 1967, Dacnusa (Aphanta) distracta Tobias, 1986, Dacnusa (Pachysema) evadne Nixon, 1937, Dacnusa (Pachysema) monticola Forster,1862 and Idiasta dichrocera Konigsmann, 1960 are newly recorded for the fauna of Iran.

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