Systematic of Cynipoidea (Hymenoptera) in Sistan

Mahmoudi, F. G. (2012) Systematic of Cynipoidea (Hymenoptera) in Sistan. Masters thesis, university of zabol.

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Superfamily of Cynipoidea are one of biggest superfamily wasps in the world.In this study fauna of Cynipoidea super family wasps (Hymenoptera) were examined and identified in Sistan(Sistan and Balouchestan Province). Samples carried out during years 2010-2011. All samples were performed by two methods net sweeping and Malaise trap. Eighty samples were collected during sampling. Samples wer separated from each other based on morphological characteristics. For the separation of samples was photographed from different parts ofthe body. During this study seven species from six genus from four sub family includes Aspicerinae, Figitinae, Cynipinae and Charipinae were introduced in Sistan. From subfamily Figitinae, two species of Melanips,from subfamily Figitinae species Aspicera abbreviata Belizin 1952 and Callaspidia aberrans Kieffer, 1901 and from subfamily Charipinae species: Alloxysta brevis Thomson, 1862. Genus Isocolus and species Saphronecrus iraní are members of the subfamily Cynipinae. Also species Callaspidia aberrans Kieffer wasrecord for first time from Iran.

Item Type: Thesis (Masters)
Uncontrolled Keywords: fauna, Cynipoidea, Cynipidae, Figitidae, Figitinae,Cynipinae, Aspicerinae, Charipinae, Sistanand Iran.
Subjects: S Agriculture > SF Animal culture
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