Susceptibility of two species of mushroom flies, to different insecticide groups

Mirzaei, M. (2015) Susceptibility of two species of mushroom flies, to different insecticide groups. Masters thesis, university of zabol.

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Lycoriella auripila (Winn.) (Diptera: Sciaridae) and Megaselia halterata (wood.) (Diptera: Phoridae) are major pests of cultivated mushrooms, Agaricus bisporus (Lge.) Imbach. They have a high potential resistance to insecticides. It is necessary to study toxicity of insecticides against the dipteran pests of mushroom. This research investigated the toxicity of four commercial insecticides against both larval and adult stages of the pests including pyriproxyfen and cyromazine from insect growth regulators (IGRs), trichlorfon from organophosphorus group and cypermethrin of group pyrethroids and the contact bioassay the adults was done by glass vial test and the LC50 of sciarid and Phorid larval stage was done in growing medium of mushroom estimated. Insecticide treatments were incorporated into growing medium. The LC50 values of the insecticides were determined. The results showed the LC50'values of trichlorfon and cypermethrin for sciarid adults were 11.72, 18.44 mg/L, respectively and for phorrid adults 11.03 and 9.65 mg/L, The values of LC50 against the sciarid larvae for pyriproxyfen, cyromazine, cypermethrin and trichlorfon were 1.46, 31.15, 47.96 and 103.8 and for sciarid larvae 7.32, 189.65, 55.33 and 86.8, mg/L respectively. Trichlorfon is effective and safe insecticide for growing mushrooms in comparing with cypermethrin, because it is specific for mushroom flies and rapid decomposition in the environment. Also pyriproxyfen was more toxic insecticide on larvae of both the pests.

Item Type: Thesis (Masters)
Uncontrolled Keywords: Sciarid Fly, Phorid Fly,Agaricus bisporus,LC50
Subjects: S Agriculture > SB Plant culture
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