Study on Impact of Socio-economic Factorson Rural Participation in Desertification Project (Case Study: Zahak City)

Noora, M. (2016) Study on Impact of Socio-economic Factorson Rural Participation in Desertification Project (Case Study: Zahak City). Masters thesis, university of zabol.

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desertification of the biggest environmental problems in central, southern and eastern Iran. To avoid desertification, desertification projects such as mulching, seeding, Protection, Tree work and conducted in a positive effect on aspects of social, economic and Ecological there. With an overall planning and coordinated enforcement action was necessary. Therefore, this study was to evaluate the effect of on Socio-Economic villagers to participate in the schemes desertification in the village of Gazinak of city functions Zehak in Sistan-Baluchistan province. Since 4039 the total number of population in these villages sample size for this study was determined based on a sample of 271. The data collecting tool was a questionnaire. To confirm the validity of a questionnaire designed by the experts and advisors were placed in their reformation suggestions were taken into account. To assess the reliability of Cronbach's alpha coefficient was used for economic indices 0/93, for social indices 0/88 and 0/87 for participatory indicators that indicates stability and reliability of the questionnaire. Analysis of economic and social data with descriptive statistics include mean, SD, frequency and criteria for analysis and comparison of the mean differences include Chisquare test based on the application of the SPSS and EXCEL softwares, was done. The results showed that there is Between age and monthly income people to participate in projects. Between participation in desertification projects and education, number of household members, economic factors, social factors, The use of educational courses, Understanding the phenomenon of desertification, and family health, There was a significant relationship. To increase participation in youth employment rates increased desertification projects. The desertification projects more households participate in the use of herbal plants and firewood less (or more liquefied natural gas usage) is. Between participation in projects there is a significant relationship between desertification and household cultures. Between participation and number of household members and there is a strong inverse relationship This means that the migration of households decreased, contributing to increased desertification projects.

Item Type: Thesis (Masters)
Uncontrolled Keywords: Desertification, Mulching, Zahak, Rural Households.
Subjects: S Agriculture > S Agriculture (General)
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