Study on Fauna of Stored Product Mites in Sistan Region, Iran

Sayadi, Z. (2012) Study on Fauna of Stored Product Mites in Sistan Region, Iran. Masters thesis, university of zabol.

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The study on fauna of stored product mites in Sistan region was carried out during 2010-2011. A total of 17 species from 11 genera and 4 families belonging to 4 orders: Trombidiformes, Mesostigmata , Oribatida (Astigmatina) and Heterostigmatawere collected and identified. All species are new to the mite fauna of Sistan and Balochestan province.Two species was new record to the mite fauna of Iran and foure species was new record from stores of Iran which are marked by one and two asterisks(* and **), respectively. Mite species listed according to their orders and families as follows: I.Astigmata 1.Acaridae Tyrophagus putrescentiae (Schrank, 178) T. dimidiatus (Hermann, 1804) T. fungivorus (Oudeman, 1932) * T. longior (Gervais, 1844) Rhizoglyphus robini (Clapared, 1869) Aleroglyphus ovatus (Troupeau, 1879) Suidasia pontifica (Oudemans, 1905) * II. Mesostigmata 1. Ameroseiidae Ameroseius plumosus (Oudemans, 1902 2. Laelapidae Gaeolaelaps linteyini (Samsinak, 1964) * Hemolaelaps shealsi (Costa, 1965) * 3. Macrochelidae Macrocheles merdarius III. Prostigmata 1. Cheyletidae Acaropsellina sollers (Kuzin, 1940) Cheyletus malaccensis (Oudemans, 1903) Cheyletus eruditus (Schrank, 1781) 2. Caligonelidae Molothragnatus near mehrnejadi Liang & Zhang, 1997 * 3. Raphignathidae Raphignathus zhaoi Fan&Yin, 2000 * IIII. Heterostigmata 1- Acarophenacaridae Acarophenax rackae

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Fauna, stored mites, Sistan
Subjects: S Agriculture > SF Animal culture
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