Hibiscus sabdariffa Reaction to plonting date and solution of micronutrients in the Agroforestry

Alizadeh Moradi, Mansour (2016) Hibiscus sabdariffa Reaction to plonting date and solution of micronutrients in the Agroforestry. Masters thesis, University of Zabol.

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Rosel herb has wide medicine properties and has great importance farmer income. In order to investigate the effects of planting date and micro nutrient foiar sprayling on Quantit talwe and qualitetue traits of rosell in agroforestry system on experiment was conducted os Split plot randomiaed complete block designwith the repllctes in between palm trees. Planting date included: 8 April, 29 April and 19 May comperised mein plots and micro nutrient foliar spraying as sabplots included: control (distilled water spraying), Iron solfate at 0.5, Zinc solfate at 0.5, and combination of them. Micro nutrints spraying was done at 6-8 laef stage and pre flowering. Results includedplant height number of branches, fresh and dried weight of plant, Capsule weighet, number of capsule plant, Inflorescence height in fluend by planting date. The qreteit quntily of these parameter was obsered at plot sowed on 8 April, Howeur the qrutut Na and K concen tratim in grain was obsered at plots sond on 29 April. Micro nutrients spraying on plant height, Inflorescence length, Capsoltes weight, Capsule number, number of branches, Fresh and dried weight of plant, Protein and N concertration in petals, concertration of ashes and Organic matter, Na, K and P in qraius was significat. Interaction of sowng date and spraying on all studid traits except plat height, Inflorescence length, Stem diameter and conuition of Pin grain was significent. The greatest Capsule weight, Capsule namber, Fresh and dried weight of plant was obsered at plat sown on 8 April and sprayed with Zinc, Howeur, Capsule diametr, number of branches concentration of N in petals was achieved in plants sown on 8 April and sprayed with Iron and Zinc, wherase the greatest concentration of ashes and Organic metter in 29 April and sprayed with conbination of Iron and Zinc. Results suygested thet to guin maxmum yield of rosell platig date of 8 April to 29April along with Iron and Zinc spraying was appropriate.

Item Type: Thesis (Masters)
Uncontrolled Keywords: Anthocyanins, Iron sulfate, Zinc sulphate, Protein content, Organic matter content
Subjects: S Agriculture > SB Plant culture
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