Effect of Natural Resources Projects in Sustainable Livelihoods of Nomads From the Perspective of Experts and Farmers (Case Study: Esfandagheh Village of Jiroft City)

Mozafarpoor Siyahkoohi, Taybeh (2016) Effect of Natural Resources Projects in Sustainable Livelihoods of Nomads From the Perspective of Experts and Farmers (Case Study: Esfandagheh Village of Jiroft City). Masters thesis, University of Zabol.

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Taking into account the livelihood of people in natural resource management projects can have an important role in the sustainability of projects. Sustainable livelihoods approach a new analytically approach in the field of rural development in recent years has been to develop and reduce poverty. The aim of this study was to investigate the effects of Natural Resources implemented initiatives on sustainable livelihoods Esfandaqe tribes in the region, the city of Jiroft. For this purpose, the impact of natural resources on physical criteria, financial and economic, natural and ecological, social and human were investigated. Measuring instrument was a questionnaire survey. Sample size of operation help Cochran formula and based on Morgan table for the operation of 105 and 17 people respectively for the experts. The questionnaire reliability was assessed by Cronbach's alpha (α=0/87) for the operation and (α=0/96) were obtained for experts. According to the statements of the questionnaire to describe the variables were analyzed using descriptive statistics. In this section results in tables (mean, variance, standard deviation) and graphical diagrams such as histograms, curves and other similar queries. For ranking items related to each indicator Friedman test was used. Among the items that the physical index, ownership, access roads and access to potable water, respectively, with an average rating of 3/18, 3/10 and 3/04, the statements of financial and economic indicators, revenue-generating livestock and livestock products reduce the cost of activities of 4/90 and 4/85 respectively with an average rating of items index between human, educational services and promote awareness of natural resource conservation and awareness of the restoration and improvement of pastures, respectively with an average rating of 5/59, 5/40 and 5 are the most favorable terms. For comparison of experts and operation of the Mann- Whitney non parametric test was The results showed that in all measures of sustainable livelihoods other than physical criteria disagree. Among the items of the financial and economic criteria of the three variables including employment levels, reduce the cost of farming activities and providing required inputs (seed, fertilizer ....) Through the state to assist the operations of ranges, from the statements of the natural criteria and the three statements ecological diversity of plant species, groundwater and rivers and aqueducts and fountains disagree. The results of multiple regression analysis, financial and economic components sensitive to natural resources projects And these factors have the greatest impact on the general index was stable and components as well as social, ecological and human and natural respectively are the next category.

Item Type: Thesis (Masters)
Uncontrolled Keywords: Management plans, Watershed projects, Sustainable Livelihoods, Natural Resources, Esfandagheh Village
Subjects: S Agriculture > S Agriculture (General)
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