Analysis of Integrated Use of Wind and Solar Potential Energy and its Effects in the Areas of Sistan Plain

Arab, A. (2016) Analysis of Integrated Use of Wind and Solar Potential Energy and its Effects in the Areas of Sistan Plain. Masters thesis, University of Zabol.

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Since the wind blowing and sun light were considered as the production sources of reproducible energies from past days in Sistan region, optimal use of this blessing gift in future could be helpful in region problem solving like energy supplying. In the past years, there were a lot of questions about how to use from potentials and energy production sources in dry and deserts regions, and the discussion about analyzing how to use this energy sources available in region (e.g. Sistan desert) certainly introduced by the question of how far applying and using of this sources could be helpful and effective, and this could illustrate the survey goals. As using reproducible energies requires applying updated sources because of having different processes and mechanisms like geo conditions of region, availability of reproducible energies and energy production instrument determination, applying libraries method and use of statics and information provided in articles and credited scientific sites as a documentary method is considered desirable. The goals listed below are followed for analyzing and applying available energies in Sistan desert region: 1- Reducing the desertification effects in the region by using reproducible energies and available potentials to develop this kind of energies and applying in required sections. 2- Evaluating the potential amount of Sistan desert as a studying logical index (regional, national and international) for applying new and reproducible energies and their rule in regeneration and development of region. The results of them are: 1- Desert regions generally considered as huge production sources of reproducible energies that use of them could save a huge amount on non-reproducible energies. 2- Installation of energy production sites could help to develop the sources like greenhouse implantation, groundwater removal and etc.

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