A survey on Rabbits parasitic infection in Sistan region

Fallahi Nejad, Ali (2016) A survey on Rabbits parasitic infection in Sistan region. Masters thesis, University of Zabol.

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In the first stage of parasite infection in rabbits with health, nutrition and whereabouts, And then at other factors such as high density and congestion associated animals in place, Which will be classified as internal and external parasites. A total of 30 rabbits from different regions of Sistan were selected randomly to determine the prevalence of internal and external parasites and spread by direct methods, with Laktvfnl transparency, Clayton Lille, brushing, indigestion and autopsied case were tested. 60 examples of wild rabbits and 60 examples of domesticated rabbits that were a total of 5 cases (505) of the wild rabbit and 9 cases (405) Domesticated rabbits of different parasites were infected. In the infected wild rabbits, two nematodes, two types of arthropod (ticks), one type of protozoa and animals in the infected rabbits, 5 types of arthropods, including (6 of 3 types of ticks and mites) were identified. The parasite was detected in wild rabbits, Pasalurus ambigus (605), Trichostrongylus (605), Hyalomma (60 %), Hemaphysalis (605), and Eimeria (605). And in the domesticated rabbits include Rhipicephalus (655), Hyalomma (605), Sarcoptes (55), Notoedres (55), and Psoropets (605).

Item Type: Thesis (Masters)
Uncontrolled Keywords: rabbit, parasitic infection, Sistan
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