A study of contamination Haemoproteus columbae in pigeons and local chickens in Sistan region

Sharifi, Vahid (2016) A study of contamination Haemoproteus columbae in pigeons and local chickens in Sistan region. Masters thesis, University of Zabol.

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Poultry are the main sources of human protein that is named Native chickens and quail. The pigeon is a domesticated birds that has a long relationship with humans and in ancient times as a messenger and today as ornamental birds and sometimes the nutritional or entertainment and sports. Haemoproteus columbae is the most common blood parasite of pigeons. The vector of H. columbae is a hippoboscid fly that named Pseudolynchia canariensis. Both H. columbae and P. canariensis are widely distributed in the world, particularly in warm and temperate climates. This parasite causes weakness, lethargy, anemia and weakened immunity system is that occurs during periods of stress. Given the importance of local poultry contamination by blood parasites, especially H. columbae in the Sistan area, we decided to investigate the matter addressed in this study. Therefore, in this study, 150 of the pigeons and 150 of the Backyard Chickens randomly selected from different parts of Zabol , Zahak , Hirmand and Nimroz, blood samples were taken from the wing vein, and as a candle flame spread was prepared for consideration by the Lab Parasitology, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University of Zabol was referred. Giemsa color slides and then stained slides with an optical microscope lens 100 and H. columbae were evaluated in terms of infection, with the results of this study, the prevalence of pigeons H. Columbae in Zabol (56/7 % ) , Nimroz (43/3 % ) , Hirmand ( 60 % ) and Zahak (63/3 % ) and Backyard Chickens were set equal to zero. Factors such as weather conditions are hot and dry in Sistan region, Pigeon stocking density, Unsafe equipment and maintenance pigeons of different ages together can be up to parasite infection H. columbae be involved.

Item Type: Thesis (Masters)
Uncontrolled Keywords: Haemoproteus columbae- pigeon- Native chickens- Sistan
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