Study and survey of Zabol gateways with emphasis on aesthetic and functional aspects

Sargazi, z. (2013) Study and survey of Zabol gateways with emphasis on aesthetic and functional aspects. Masters thesis, University of Zabol.

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Entering principles as one of the main urban structural and landscape structures, in spite of their aesthetic, applied and structural importance, have done, from one aspect through inharmonious and incompatible applications, and on the other hand through low-quality construction without planned design in the suburbs of these urban centers, inharmonious and mixed structures, which from visual perspective, are very mingled. ZABOL's main entrances are not organized, unsuitable distribution of applications, the lack of continuity in constructions, the lack of supplying centers, existence of obtrusive urban occupations, the lack of plant covering and etc. are among main entrance's problems. In this research it has been attempted, in addition to explanation of density of obtrusive urban applications in ZABOL-ZAHEDAN and ZABOL-NEHBANDAN entrances, organizing and planning of applications and view of entrances to be considered, in order to solve these problems, based on recognizing current conditions and field studies and by applying GIS, statistics soft wares, TOPSIS technique and etc. present different procedures. Research results reveal that based on compatibility index, lands applications are incompatible, 24 percent at ZABOL-ZAHEDAN entrance, and 20 percent at ZABOL- NEHBANDAN entrance. Plant covering conditions and urban green space are also too weak and without planning. In regard to urban informative signs, specially commercial and service providing ones, due to variety and abundance get into visual confusions. In regard to nearby building facade is without facade or incomplete 62 percent and 69.7 percent of units in ZABOL-ZAHEDAN and ZABOL-NEHBANDAN entrances respectively. At both, ZABOL-ZAHEDAN and ZABOL-NEHBANDAN entrances, door and window welding has achieved first level in pollution, which has caused falling in applications of these entrances, which must be organized in urban blocks. At the end of research, procedures and suggestions are presented for planning entrances views and organizing obtrusive occupations in ZABOL entrances.

Item Type: Thesis (Masters)
Uncontrolled Keywords: urban views, urban entrances, incompatible applications, ZABOL City
Subjects: G Geography. Anthropology. Recreation > GB Physical geography
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Date Deposited: 15 Nov 2016 05:35
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